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   Val is an American who said the wrong incantation and ended up in Ireland. Her Patronus is a cat, her Defence Against the Dark Arts is Sarcasm, for Transfiguration she can transform into a complaining adult and she specialises in making the Pshpshpsh Potion which enchants any feline to become her friend.


Let me tell you about Utterly Magical. Founded in January of 2018, it was a way for her to experiment with enamel pins and to challenge the boundaries of what's possible when it comes to creating a mini masterpiece. Her art is quite minimalistic but her pins are anything but, when you combine a keen eye for detail with the search for perfection, it creates something Utterly Magical! (See what I did there?)


Though her focus for now is strictly on pins, she hopes to eventually move into creating one of a kind items including buttons, acrylic charms, patches, prints, apparel and an ITA bag.

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